The Shack Health & Fitness

At 'The Shack' we believe in keeping things simple. 

Our approach to training is based around two key principles...

Straight forward resistance training/cardiovascular exercise, combined with

small changes to diet and lifestyle.

Basic Strength Training

If you are interested in training with weights, but don't know where to start, then this is the perfect option for you!

We understand that the commercial gym setting can be intimidating, and the equipment sometimes baffling. 

Let us guide you through the basics, in a private setting, at your own pace.

What to expect during a basic weight-training session.

Each Session Will last approximately 1hr, and will generally consist of the following...

  • A simple functional warm up.

  • Basic Instruction in safe barbell weight training, primarily focussed on large, multi-joint movements such as Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift.

  • Movement based cooldown/stretching to suit the days session.

Alternatively we are happy for 'The Shack' to act as a safe space to undertake your own training, with guidance.

If you require programming or a broader fitness/health orientated session, please look at our Personal Training options below.

£20 p/h

Personal Training

(All options include a free consultation)

Whatever your goal.  Whether you want to lose weight, or just improve general fitness, we will work with you to help realise your goals.

Our aim is to keep sessions accessible and inclusive.  We won't expect you to jump around in lycra or contort yourself into complex stretches, but will guide you through a simple programme of exercise set at your level.


What to expect during a Personal Training Session.

Each session will last approximately 1hr, and will generally consist of the following...


  • Cardiovascular warm up and mobilisation..

  • Session appropriate stretching.

  • Whole body Cardiovascular Exercise and Weight-Training.

  • Cool down.

  • Session specific and developmental stretching.


Sessions will be programmed according to your needs, either on a single session basis, or across a set number of sessions/time period i.e. 8wks.

We aim to be as flexible as possible and will discuss your goals and needs in detail during your free introductory chat and consultation.

£25 Per Session


Four Sessions Pre-Paid


Eight Sessions Pre-Paid


Twelve Sessions