Cwlc is an informal club, keeping the name and spirit of cheltenham's longest running free-weights club alive. Cwlc has provided basic weight-training facilities for amateur sport since 1954, with our primary focus now centred on powerlifting. In an era of big budget gyms, we are pleased to welcome local and visiting strength athletes alike to train with us in the strength shack, and to compete under the banner of Cheltenham weightlifting club.

Commonwealth Championships 2017
Commonwealth Championships 2017
All England Championships 2017
Dave Whitehead
Dan Watkins
Akin Yavuz - Deadlift
Old Bakery - 1982
Matthew Parker - 2006
Richard Parker - 1978
Matthew Parker - 2006
British Masters Team inc Malc 2000
Barry Haines - 1982
Malcolm & Kaz 1989
All England 2015
Train Pull!
Fire Engine Pull 1992
Fire Engine Pull 1992
BAWLA Card 1980
December 1969
Malcolm Squat
Malcolm Squatting
Malcolm Karn 290kg
Tom Chang - British Champion 2016
John Phillips AE 2016
John Phillips AE 2016
R Parker - Dartmoor Prison
Mike Roberts AE 2016
Matthew & Benjamin
Mikey Roberts
Harvey Robinson
Dave Whitehead Circa 1957
Dan Watkins & John Phillips
Mikey Roberts
R Parker - 1971
Club Secretary Richard Parker
Dan Watkins
Harvey Robinson
Richard Parker
John Phillips AE 2016
Mikey Roberts 262.5kg Deadlift
Matthew Parker 215kg - 2007




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Cheltenham weightlifting club

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